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TouchDesigner to FadeCandy

Touch Designer to Fade Candy App using Spout and Cinder

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TouchDesigner to FadeCandy

This repo consists of a C++ app and sample Touch Designer 088 file for sending TOP data from Touch to a FadeCandy LED controller.

Led Portal

Visual Studio 2013 solution file provided. Requires Touch Designer 088 25220 or later, the Cinder-Asio block, the FadeCandyCinderClient block, and the 0.8.6 tag of Cinder

To run start the fc server, the cinder app and the touch designer file.

Touch Sample

The sample TouchDesigner file is from a Halloween LED Portal I made using five 8x8 led grids from ada electronics along with a single 64 led strip. There are a few different effects and a simple simulator.

Cinder Sample

The Cinder Sample code creates a Spout receiver and runs a custom effect routine to map the incoming TOP to Fadecandy. This code could also be used to send textures back and forth between Touch Designer and a Cinder application for processing.